Student Africa and Dutch EPC during a meeting.

By James Nyaigoti,

Student Factory Africa Limited partners with Dutch EPC to build Student Housing in Kenya worth 50 Million USD.

The partnership will deliver State of the Art Student Housing in cooperation with KCCB
Red Betonbouw B.V., a Dutch leading concrete contractor focused on highly complex and
sustainable projects firms up its cooperation with the Kenyan entity Student Factory Africa
Limited through their partnership on the first project Student Village, Karen.
The project is valued at 50,000,000 Million USD.

The CEO of Student Factory Africa Limited Christopher Osore said that they are embarking on a journey to revolutionise how students live and learn in Kenya.
The Chairman of the Board of Red Betonbouw B.V. Enes Djerlek adds that students will be
rewarded with a state of the art facility which will ensure an excellent environment to excel in their respective studies.

Student Africa and Dutch EPC during the agreement.

The project will consist of ten five-story buildings providing a total capacity of about 4500 beds
in different room typologies.
Both entities are committed to finalise on the construction of the project within 24 months

Student accommodation facilities
So far are planning to work on a facility in Kisumu a capacity of 1000 beds, another in Tanzania
The pilot project will be in Kwea Africa
Dutch contractor, Technology mostly focussed in Quality and efficiency.

RED Betonbouw B.V. is a leading dutch contractor specialised in working with concrete. Every day, with their vision ‘The heart for concrete’, we unburden our clients through advice, knowledge and craftmanship. In this manner they can work together with clients on the construction site and realise what has been agreed in the preliminary stages.

Student Factory Africa Limited is a Kenyan entity delivering youth centric living spaces providing Kenyan students with the right environment to excel – all in one location. Their modern living spaces are packed with amenities such as gyms, a large café, well-appointed study areas and chapel to cater to their spiritual needs.
It is Student Factory’s vision to deliver numerous Student Housing projects in the PanAfrican region.

They are using concrete and Steel to build durable strong structures,
with also the use of modern technology for construction.

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